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Tractor Supply Company | New Windsor, NY

Tractor Supply Co. New Windsor, NY

Actual Location                                                     Drone Viewing 

Investment Summary

Tenant/Guarantor :      Tractor Supply Company
Moody’s Rating:              Baa1
Property Address        127 Temple Hill Road, New Windsor, NY12553
Parcel Size                     4.751 Acres | 364’ Frontage on Temple Hill Rd.
Utilities:                         Public Water and Sewer
Improvements:                Building: 19,057 SF
Outdoor Display Area:    Fenced Sales Area 15,000 SF
Year Built:                        2015-2016
Term Remaining:           9.10 years
Commencement:           6 February 2016
Lease Expiration:          28 February 2031
Options:                           4 – 5 Year Options
10% Rent Increases:     Every 5 yrs of primary lease and options

NOI:                               Confidentiality Agreement Required
CAP RATE:                    Confidentiality Agreement Required
PRICE:                           $5,612,869

Offering Memorandum

To receive the Full Offering Memorandum please complete the questionnaire on the right followed by checking the box: “I have read and agree to the Confidentiality Agreement”.